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CHCCCS026 Transport individuals RTO Resources

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CHCCCS026 Transport individuals RTO Materials


Secure the CHCCCS026 Transport individuals training materials today! Your brand new training resource package includes useful tools and features that will help you deliver and assess students taking the CHCCCS026 course.  


These course materials were designed using industry consultations, robust validations, and assessment of best practice holistic delivery.


Find out more about the CHCCCS026 Transport individuals training resources and its inclusions below.  


Learner Resources

  1. Learner Guide
  2. PowerPoint Presentation
  3. Session Plan
  4. Classroom Activities
  5. Self-Study Guide


Assessment Resource Pack

  1. Assessment Pack (Student)
  2. Trainer Assessment Pack (Marking Guide)
  3. Mapping for Each Unit of Competency
  4. Simulated Business Resources


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CHCCCS026 Transport individuals Learner Resources


Your CHCCCS026 training materials include these valuable learner resources:


Learner Guide

This guide contains formative assessments to help trainers identify concepts that students struggle to understand and help them adjust their instructional techniques accordingly. When trainers can immediately determine these areas, students can progress through the course much faster.


PowerPoint Presentation

This visual learning aid will be an excellent tool for trainers when presenting information to their learner cohorts while creating an interactive and engaging learning environment.


Session Plan

This session plan supports trainers in creating an effective, compliant and engaging learning environment for this qualification. Having a session plan lays out what topics to tackle and the assessment methods to be used. It can also serve as additional evidence that your RTO is compliant at audit.


Classroom Activities

Help your students prepare for their summative assessment with these activities. They also provide assessors with extra resources to improve training and support for learner cohorts.


Self-Study Guide

With this guide, your students can get tips on how to effectively study without getting overwhelmed. They have the opportunity to learn at their own pace.


These learner resources come in an editable digital format so you can modify, contextualise, and re-brand the materials however you see fit. You can also easily upload them to your LMS for online learning or print them out and distribute them for in-person training.


Get in touch with us today to learn more about these CHCCCS026 Transport individuals learning materials.

CHCCCS026 Transport individuals Assessment Tools


The CHCCCS026 training resource package includes the following assessment resources:


Student Assessment Pack

This resource includes the context and conditions of the assessment. It also contains tasks to be administered to the student and an outline of evidence collected by the trainer. The expected outcomes are established with this Student Assessment Pack.


Trainer Assessment Pack

A systematic assessment must be in place so that your RTO continuously demonstrates compliance when conducting training. The benchmark answers and evidence criteria in this pack can help trainers assess the competency of their students accurately.


Mapping for each Unit of Competency

A detailed mapping tool is essential because it further proves that your RTO is compliant. You can instantly see where training package requirements are met in each unit of competency within this mapping document.


Access to Simulated Business Resources

To ensure that assessments are In line with the Principles of Assessment and Rules of Evidence, the CHCCCS026 Transport individuals includes simulated business resources such as templates, policies, procedures, and the like.


The CHCCCS026 Transport individuals RTO training materials come in an editable, digital format-making it easy for you to rebrand, customise, and modify the training materials to suit the needs of your RTO.


You can also train as many students as you wish without worrying about ongoing fees because these resources have an unlimited student licence!


If you’re interested in these training resources, please let us know. Get free samples, a customised quote, and more when you get in touch!

About CAQA Resources


CAQA (Compliance and Quality Assurance) Resources is an eSkilled partner in providing Australian RTOs with quality training and assessment materials that will help put your RTO at the forefront of the VET industry.


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