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ICTSAS438 Implement maintenance procedures RTO Resources

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ICTSAS438 Implement maintenance procedures RTO Materials


Secure sought-after ICTSAS438 training materials today! Provide quality training with these comprehensive and detailed training resources.


Here’s what you can expect from your ICTSAS438 training materials:


Learner Resources 

  1. Learner Guide
  2. PowerPoint Presentation
  3. Class Activities Book
  4. Self-study Guide
  5. Session/Lesson Plan


Assessment Tools 

  1. Student Assessment Pack
  2. Trainer Assessment Pack/Marking Guide
  3. Workplace Task Booklet (With Logbook Hours)
  4. Workplace Observation Booklet
  5. Mapping Document
  6. Supporting Documents (where applicable)


Contextualisation and customisation of these documents have never been easier because they come in an editable digital format! And with an unlimited student licence, it is up to your RTO to decide how many students you want to teach – without the burden of any ongoing fees!  


Order the ICTSAS438 Implement maintenance procedures RTO resources today! Enquire now to learn more about these training resources. 

ICTSAS438 Implement maintenance procedures Learner Resources


The learner resources include essential tools and features to equip your students with the knowledge and skills they need to pass their assessments and be successful once they enter the workplace.


Your learner resources include the following:


Learner Guide

Promote progression and help your students acquire the necessary skills to successfully accomplish the course with this exhaustive Learner Guide. It also includes self-assessment questions to test the student’s understanding of the material.


PowerPoint Presentation

Present information in an engaging way and assist trainers with training delivery using these interactive presentation slides. It can also assist your learners in navigating the course information.


Class Activities Book

This activities book will help your students acquire the underpinning knowledge they need to complete the course. It also includes an array of activities that students will need to complete before the assessments.


Self-Study Guide

Provide your learner cohorts with even more support with this guide. It contains additional information for your students as well as web links for all the performance criteria. Trainers will have access to an answer key to check students’ answers. The documents will help RTOs meet the volume of learning and training hour requirements, as well.


Session/Lesson Plan

A detailed guide to help trainers conduct each lesson. The session/lesson plan is linked with the rest of the learner resources to help trainers implement and meet regulatory requirements.


All the learner resources can be edited and contextualised to meet the specific needs of your RTO. Provide training exactly the way you want it with these resources. 


Order the ICTSAS438 Implement maintenance procedures training resource today! Get in touch with us to learn more about these learner resources.

ICTSAS438 Implement maintenance procedures Assessment Tools


Efficiently assess student competency and provide sufficient evidence to remain compliant with the help of these assessment tools.


Your assessment tools include the following:


Student Assessment Pack

This contains detailed instructions with requirements for each task and the outcomes for the unit of competency. It also covers unit assessment and result sheets to provide extra guidance for trainers or assessors.


Trainer Assessment Pack/Marking Guide

A comprehensive guide with benchmarking answers and evidence criteria to assist trainers when judging the competency of students.


Workplace Task Booklet (with Logbook Hours)

An extremely helpful tool that contains all the tasks that your students need to accomplish for the allocated units. Students’ work hours for placement can also be recorded using the Logbook Hour which will be an additional reference for evaluating learners.


Workplace Observation Booklet

Trainers or assessors will have an easier time documenting student performance in the workplace with this booklet.


Mapping Document

Easily map the assessment resources to the training package requirement with this handy mapping tool.


Supporting Document (where applicable)

Enhance your students’ learning with these additional learning resources. These documents include templates, policies, and procedures.


The ICTSAS438 training resources will be delivered in Microsoft Word format (except for PowerPoints) so you can edit, modify, customise, and contextualise your learning materials as you see fit. The RTO resources also come with a one-off licence so your RTO can train unlimited students without ongoing fees!


Order this ICTSAS438 Implement maintenance procedures training resource today! Get in touch with us to learn more about these assessment resources. 

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