New CPC v5.0 update is now live


The NEW 2020 CPC - Construction, Plumbing and Services Training Package Version 5.0 updatehas been released on! The massive 2020 CPC training package update has caused the biggest overhaul to the CPC training package in a decade.  

This overhaul involves new CPC qualifications that make use of newly updated or created units, as well as new packaging requirementsMeaning, RTOs will now have to upgrade to the new 2020 CPC RTO Resources (now’s the best time for RTO to upgrade old RTO training materials)! 

To learn more about the latest CPC training package update changes, please read on.  

CPC Version 5.0 – 2020 CPC Update Changes

We have summarised the important changes to the CPC training package to help give you a quick overview of the 2020 CPC update that your RTO might want to consider.  

  • Thirty-five new qualifications were made for the new 2020 CPC Training Package. 
  • In-demand CPC qualifications and units have been updated.   
  • Learners who need access to a construction site are required to take the CPCCWHS1001 Prepare to Work Safely in the Construction Industry or “white card unit”. 

Note that popular qualifications such as the Certificate IV Building and Construction and Diploma of Building and Construction have also been updated, which means your RTO will need to acquire new CPC RTO materials or CPC e-Learning resources ASAP. 

New 2020 CPC RTO Training Resources

Many RTOs have been talking to us about getting their new RTO resources so they can adapt to the latest 2020 CPC update and deliver the new CPC qualifications and units ASAP. We listened to our clients and have started developing the most in-demand and high-value qualifications. As a result, you can now pre-order the digital RTO training materials and e-Learning resources for these new CPC qualifications: 

  • CPC40120 Cert IV Building and Construction  
  • CPC50220 Diploma of Building and Construction
  • CPC50320 Diploma of Building and Construction (Management)

The digital RTO resources for the highly popular “white card unit” are now available: 

  • CPCCWHS1001 Prepare to Work Safely in the Construction Industry   

Want to Deliver the 2020 CPC Qualifications and Units ASAP?

You can deliver the new 2020 CPC courses (and other new qualifications and units) by securing digital RTO resources from us, or by subscribing to an LMS Plan with eLearning Resources. The latter is a cost-effective and innovative way to train your learners!  

We also provide a powerful LMS platform that many Australian RTOs are using.  

View our eSkilled LMS Resources Catalogue now to see the RTO materials that you can load onto your eSkilled LMS:  

Adapt your RTO to the latest CPC update by pre-ordering your RTO materials nowTalk to us for any enquiries about the new 2020 CPC RTO Resources! Contact us on 1300 884 811 or email [email protected] for more enquiries about our world-class LMS platform subscription options, eLearning tools, and digital resources!